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Sub-Terranean House, Torbay

The previous planning difficulties associated with this site (conservation area, within the curtilage of a listed building and a previous appeal dismissed) would turn most people away from this site. An underground dwelling was the solution and a planning permission was obtained. A central light well ensures that all the habitable areas receive natural light.

Squirrel Design architects undertake specialist projects like the environmentally concious Sub-Terranean House in TorbayThe Sub-Terranean House an underground residential dwelling in Torbay, was developed to comply with planning policies in a conservation areaSquirrel Design came up with a subterranean house to overcome planning difficulties on a conservation siteThe Sub-terranean house has minimal visual and environmental impact where it is situated in a conservation site in Torbay DevonSituated on a hill in Torbay, the Sub-Terranean House utilises innovative architectural design to overcome tricky planning policies at an environmental conservation site

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