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The Halo Project

This building produces more energy than it consumes, making it carbon negative and in excess of Level 6 CfSH requirements. The roof mounted solar shield is used to capture energy from the sun and the elliptical shaped roof represents the orbit of the earth around the sun.Thoughtful landscaping has enhanced the biodiversity of the site to a significant level. This site, once the scheme is completed, will be better in energy terms and biodiversity than  before any building work took place.

Situated in the Teignbridge District, The Halo Project is a cutting edge residential dwelling that generates more energy than it consumes. Designed by Squirrel Design architects in Chagford DevonThe Halo project a carbon negative residential dwelling by Squirrel Design architects in Chagford DevonThe Halo Project is an outstanding design in the Devon countryside by Squirrel Design architectural practiceSquirrel Design architects developed The Halo Project a contemporary residential dwelling in the Teignbridge DistrictThe Halo Project an innovative and environmentally friendly residential dwelling by Squirrel Design in Chagford DevonThe Halo Project, a futuristic residential dwelling, complies with PPS7 as an outstanding architectural design in the British countryside

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